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Account Activation

How to activate your account on our new website

Firstly, we apologise that you have to go through this, but as part of trying to be the best we possibly can we had to upgrade our website recently – and unfortunately in this process we cannot migrate over our customers passwords.

But the good news is that all your previous account & order history has been migrated to our new site so once you’ve re-activated your account for the first time everything will continue as usual!

What seems to be the most common issue – multiple sign-in attempts…

If you have clicked the Sign In button more than once, or possibly multiple times, you will get a new re-activation email every time you clicked it.

And every email contains a new re-activation encrypted link that is unique to it’s own particular Sign In click.

Even more frustrating is that the new re-activation link invalidates all the previous ones, so if you’re clicking a link in one of the earlier emails, although it returns you to the website when you click it, it just takes you back to the original login page.

In other words, you need to click the link in the most recent email to ensure you are clicking a valid re-activation link.

If you suspect you’ve got yourself into a doom loop of clicking the sign in button… checking your emails… clicking the link in there… and its just going around in circles, STOP! It can easily be fixed!

First, delete all previous activation emails you’ve just been sent.

Then go to the login page, enter your email and click the sign in button just once.

Now check your emails and click the activation link in that one email that is in your inbox.

Bingo! You’re in!

How it should work

1) Enter your email address and click Sign In. If your email address is already in our records, the login screen will display the message below.

2) Check your emails to find the activation email that will have been sent and click the activation link in the email. This will open a new webpage where you can enter your password and that’s it – your account is now activated and you should be able to view your account details and all your previous order history.

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