About us

Here at Ezyvision we’re focused on making every moment in your life more enjoyable. Whether you want to correct your sight, feel the freedom of wearing contacts or just look beautiful, we’re going to ensure you enjoy an experience that lasts long after the purchase is complete. We’ve come a long way over the past 14+ years we’ve been in business. From our humble beginnings in Maungaturoto (a thriving little Northland town most of you probably have never heard of!) to our extensive customer base of 1000’s of New Zealander’s. It’s been an epic journey and it’s only improving. Every day we get to work with wonderful people like yourself that appreciate good Kiwi to Kiwi service. We would love to help you out too so come on in, and experience everything we’ve got to offer!

We’re going to ensure you enjoy an experience that lasts long after the purchase is complete…


Ezyvision was founded in 2003 from a contact lens wearer's idea. We pioneered the online contact lens industry in New Zealand increasingly converting consumers to a better, easier and faster way of purchasing. Today we are still leading the charge will innovative and exciting solutions to contact lens wearers' needs.

With none other than our feloow Kiwi citizen's to help out, we've been able to take our customers through a purchasing experience that is second to none. Building long lasting reationships has been our number 1 priority every step of the journey. It's not good enough to have even one dissatisfied customer.

Being located here in New Zelaland means we are available whenever you need us. We work fairly extensive hours at either end of the day in order to give you an answer about anything and everything.