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Our team

Ezyvision is literally a Kiwi family owned and run business! Founder and current owner Steve Foster and his two children run the business from their premises in Kerikeri. If you have any interaction with our team, you’re quite likely to run into one of us!

Steve Foster

Started the business from nothing in 2003 and still in there doing it! My role is ‘a bit of everything’ so you’ve got a reasonable chance of getting me on the phone if you call us (sorry about this!) I have a shockingly bad memory so if I make you a promise, can you please ask me to write it down before I get off the call (to save acute embarrassment later on for both of us)!

It still gives me a thrill when I hear stories like “… it takes me three clicks to reorder my contact lenses…”

Or “… I ordered at 3.45pm on Thursday and was desperate for them before the weekend – and I had them on my doorstep at 9am Friday!…”

Or “…I had been paying over $800 a year on my lenses and since I’ve switched to one of your exclusive brands I’m now saving over $400 a year!…”

Stories like this are what keep me going. And as long as there’s an even better way to make these situations come true, then I couldn’t be happier trying to discover it!

Bowie Foster

Left school at the end of 2020, did the typical Kiwi thing: 1 ½ years building before deciding that it really is dark, cold & wet in the middle of winter, so bailed to a warmer environment (my desk here at Ezyvision!)

My job here is primarily handling everything to do with the products. Placing & managing orders with our suppliers, receiving incoming shipments, managing our stocks and then assisting with dispatch. So yes I know what it’s like to ship out your order of lenses on a frantic afternoon just in time to catch the courier!

I have also trained as an optical lab technician and assist with glasses fitting and order processing.

What makes my day is when I go a whole day without having an order held up with products that are not in stock.

Bracken Foster

My role is helping our amazing customers out and I love it! I respond to most emails, take most incoming phone calls and also our live chat. If you’ve got a problem in any way with your contact lenses or your order, please let me know its my job to sort it out for you! And when I’m not caring for customers, I’m helping out with marketing.

What makes my day is hearing your feedback after I’ve been helping with a slow delivery, or trying to find the right lenses that best suit you – so please let me know if I make your day too!