Preparation is key, it really is – there is nothing worse than running out of contact lenses 20 days into the trip because who can enjoy life when you can’t see clearly? And that includes contact lens solution too. Make sure you have enough contact lenses to last the journey and extra in case lenses become damaged or lost because although you may know your prescription and requirements, many optical retailers will not supply the product without prior eye tests. As for solution, it comes in all shapes and sizes these days, including smaller travel bottles which are just the right size for your handbag or overnight bag.

And you know the rules! Do not sleep in your contact lenses (except for day/night lenses) even on flights, as humidity is significantly lower on a plane which could cause your eyes to dry out even more than normal. If you do feel your contacts dry out during flights, make sure you have some lubricating eye drops handy, such as Systane Ultra or Poly-Tears to add moisture to your lenses.

And of course, never skip cleaning your lenses. Even if you’re pressed for time, you only need less than a minute to gently clean your lenses to make sure no bacteria or dust has got near them to potentially irritate your eyes. If you use your hands to clean your lenses, its always a good idea to make sure these are clean too to avoid dirt and foreign matter reaching your eyes. If you run out of solution or other cleaning material, it is not recommended you use water to clean your lenses as the microbes and viruses in water can infect your eyes.

And last but not least (we know you’re gonna love this one!) take your glasses along too because although you may never use them, this might be the odd time you do. You may even find that on long flights your contact lenses just don’t last as long as you do and giving your eyes a break by wearing your glasses for a while might help the situation. And you never know what new allergens could be lurking around the corner to give your eyes problems! Seriously, you won’t regret taking them and the space the consume in your suitcase is pretty minimal really.



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