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Ultra for Presbyopia 6pk

Ultra for Presbyopia 6pk

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Currently there are global shortages of Ultra for Presbyopia, causing delays of up to 3 months. It is impossible for us to know if any particular prescription is affected until we attempt to order it. If you order this product and it is unable to be supplied, we will contact you immediately. 

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Pack Size 6 lenses
Material Content Samfilcon A, Water 46%
Diameter 14.2
The Ultra Multifocal lenses manufactured by Bausch + Lomb, have been designed to retain high moisture levels in your eye when looking at digital devices all day long. The lenses will keep your eyes from becoming strained and will ensure they are Ultra fresh to keep you working at your peak. Being multifocals allows even the slightly older contact lens wearers to experience the joy of seeing clearly at short and long distances. Don't succumb to the strain of looking at your computer screen without these Ultra Multifocal lenses in. Get a taste of the best and you'll sure ENJOY LIFE.