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Truemoist Dailies - 30 Pack

Truemoist Dailies - 30 Pack

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Pack Size 30 lenses
Material Content Etafilcon A 42%, Water 58%
Diameter 14.2
BC 8.5

Product Specification Details

Material: Etafilcon A, 58% Water Content

FDA Group: Group IV, Water Content > 50% ; Ionic

Base Curve: 8.5mm +/- 0.2mm

Diameter: 14.2mm +/- 0.2mm

Center Thickness: 0.08mm +/- 0.018mm@ -3.00D

DK/t: 25 x 10 (cm2/sec)(mlO2/(ml x mmHg) @ -3.00D

Replacement Schedule: Daily

UV Protection: Class II, Block 50% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays.

Looking for contact lenses that are quality and comfortable but for a fraction of the price of other brands? Then Truemoist Dailies are definitely for you! Having been in the contact lens market for over 15 years, Ezyvision knows what 80% of contact lens wearers want in a contact lens, so we have had our own exclusive brand, developed in one of the most advanced laboratories in the world, to specially meet those needs of affordability, comfort and quality.

But while it appears a huge saving, you may be questioning the quality of the lenses? We understand, but honestly, there is no need to worry! Manufactured to global standards, the Truemoist Dailies are made from Etafilcon A – a material with over 50% water content which keeps your eyes wet and moisturised for not just half the day, but all day. The water content also allows your eyes to breath so that you still have great eye health. And these lenses also have a layer of UV protection so that your eyes are directly exposed to the harmful UV rays out there (note: contact lenses are not to be used as a sole substitute for UV protection as they do not fully cover the eye. It is recommended that UV protection goggles or glasses are worn as well).

These daily lenses also have the benefit of convenience thrown in. A handy daily lens that can be used all day and then simply thrown out helps you to maintain a consistent and healthy lens wearing routine. We also carry large stocks of Truemoist Dailies so we can give you full assurance that your lenses will be delivered to you overnight. And if you love your current lenses but would like to try Truemoist Dailies just to ‘see what they’re like’ then we have a Free Trial 10 pack available on our website.

Ezyvision owner and business developer, Steve Foster from Kerikeri New Zealand has himself become one of Truemoist Dailies biggest fans! After being personally involved in the development of these lenses, wearing contact lenses for many, many years and being well acquainted with the options out there, Steve has finally settled on the perfect, affordable contact lens. “I truly believe these lenses are excellent! And the fact that we are able to bring them to the market at such an affordable price is great – we hope you love them as much as we do.” But don’t just take Steve’s word for it, Truemoist Dailies are by far our biggest selling lens, so join our thousands of happy, Truemoist Daily contact lens wearers today!

Truemoist Dailies are a brand of lenses that are built to be enjoyed! With high levels of moisture content and comfort, Truemoist lenses are the Rolls-Royce when it comes to contact lenses. Keeping your eyes healthy with state-of-the-art materials including UV protection and also saving your wallet some potential pain. We feel the quality of Truemoist lenses can be summed up by the large number of people who have switched to these lenses from alternative brands. So, join them today so you can share the experience and ENJOY LIFE.