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Air Optix Night & Day 6pk

Air Optix Night & Day 6pk

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Pack Size 6 lenses
Material Content Lotrafilcon B, Water 24%
Diameter 13.8
Air Optix Night and Day contacts are truly one of a kind. They’re the only contact lens that can been worn continuously (at night while sleep and during the day) for up to 30 consecutive days – I mean, how convenient? But they’re also much more than just a convenient, day and night lens. The are cleverly crafted using breakthrough technology which allows oxygen transmissibility through the lens even while sleeping and the smooth surface makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. And like all lenses in the Air Optix family, they come with SmartShield Technology – an ultra-thin layer of protection that helps reduce deposits onto the lens which could irritate your eyes.

The Air Optix Night and Day lenses are perfect if you’re always on the go. You know, like early morning flights, late trains and generally long days. These FDA-approved lenses can be worn for up to 30 nights continuous wear due to the incredible breathability of the lens, which allows much more oxygen to reach the eye, even during sleep, than a normal lens. Their ability to be worn night and day for 30 consecutive days simply removes the hassles of having to clean, insert and remove lenses daily that come with monthly lenses but also the cost that comes with wearing daily lenses. Honestly, what more could you ask for in a contact lens? So many people sleep with their contact lenses still in their eyes and if you are not wearing Air Optix Night and Day, the experience can be slightly unpleasant when you wake up due to incredibly dry scratchy lenses. But not with Air Optix Night and Day contact lenses – its as if you weren’t wearing them in the first place!

Kane Adams, from Invercargill New Zealand, has made the bold statement that these are the best lenses on the market! “I was hopeless at wearing my lenses at night and I was originally prescribed ones that I technically shouldn’t have worn at night so when I’d wake up my eyes were so dry and scratchy I could barely open them! Now I have no such problems since switching to Air Optix Night and Day lenses. They feel amazing when you wake up and they just last for so long. Convenience and cost saving are a massive plus with these great contact lenses!”. We think that’s pretty conclusive, don’t you? No one wants to wake up with dry, scratchy eyes but we all want convenience and cost saving from our contact lenses. Make the switch like Kane did and experience how truly amazing these Air Optix Night and Day contact lenses are!

Available and in stock at Ezyvision for overnight delivery to you, Air Optix Night and Day are hugely popular lens. Take advantage of great prices and convenience today by purchasing your box of Air Optix Night and Day. We promise they’ll make like a lot more enjoyable and easier, oh so much easier!

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