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For excellent comfort and reliability, switch your lenses to Truemoist today

A brand of lenses that are built to be enjoyed! With high levels of moisture content and comfort, Truemoist lenses are the Rolls-Royce when it comes to contact lenses. Keeping your eyes healthy with state-of-the-art materials including UV protection.


Are they suitable for me?

The Truemoist lenses we have are almost certainly going to work for you. We've got many many customers who wear these lenses on a daily basis and loving it. We don't want to have to buy a box without trying them though, that's why we offer the Free Trials you see on this page. Give them a go and that'll be the best way to find out if they are best for you.

Which types of Truemoist lenses are available?

At the moment we have a daily disposable lens in the Truemoist range. These are single vision or 'sphere' lenses. We are looking into getting our own toric, multifocal and coloured lenses so watch the space! We've got many people hooked on these lenses so be sure to give them a go too.

How do Truemoist lenses compare to other lenses in your range?

The Truemoist Lenses are equally as good, if not better than most common brands of lenses that we sell. We get these Truemoist lenses directly from the manufacturer which brings great cost savings to the end user. You therefore get a really decent lens for an affordable price - who doesn't want that?

What is the quality like?

The quality of Truemoist lenses can be summed up by the large number of people who have switched to the lenses from other alternative brands. They are superbly comfortable and have a moisture content of over 50%. These lenses don't leave your eyes feeling itchy or scratched, just pure comfort all day!