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Monosept 360ml
Monosept 360ml

Monosept 360ml

This product is comparable to Aosept. It uses the same process to clean and disinfect contact lenses.


Pack size: 1 x 360ml bottle. 1 x lens case & disc.


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  • Description

Oté Monosept is a peroxide solution designed for soft contact lens cleaning. The peroxide component cleanses, disinfects and moisturises contact lenses. The Oté Monosept solution is preservative-free and provides simple and safe contact lens care.

Oté Monosept contains peroxide and the enclosed case comes with a platinum disc that ensures neutralisation of the solution. The platinum plate changes hydrogen peroxide into liquid and oxide that releases saline solution.

When using Oté Monosept solution, it is necessary to keep to the time needed for neutralisation and always use it with the enclosed original container. Contact lenses must stay in the case for at least 6 hours, and ideally overnight. After the neutralising process, the contact lenses can be reinserted.

Make sure that the solution is always neutralised completely before applying contact lenses. A solution that hasn’t been neutralised must not come into contact with the eye!

Monosept 360ml