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Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel 2pk
Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel 2pk
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Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel 2pk

Want great lenses at a great price? Airsoft contact lenses are a great monthly lens that give super high oxygen transmission along with superior comfort and vision. Try these today, your eyes -and your wallet - will love you!


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Pack Size 2 lenses
Material Content Filcon 1 53%, Water 47%
Diameter 14.0
BC 8.6

Airsoft's breathable Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses blends high levels of O2 and H2O maintaining outstanding comfort and healthier eyes.

These lenses are intended for monthly use, meaning you should get 30 days use from each lens. If you currently use two-weekly lenses, these will also be an excellent alternate lens and you may even find you can get a few extra days use out of them than your current two-weekly lenses.

Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses deliver high performance at an affordable price point. It’s unique silicone material allows both high Oxygen permeability and water content resulting in excellent comfort for extended hours of wear, reducing dry eyes and redness. Although the material and oxygen transmission properties are excellent, it is not recommended that this lens be used for constant 24/7 overnight wearing. For optimum eye health it is best to remove lenses every night and re-insert them the next morning.

Featuring state of the art lens design and wetting agent, Airsoft™ ensure you feel the air not the lens.

Airsoft uses aspherical design that gives sharper, crisper vision clarity.

The lenses have UV blocking to give your eyes protection from the sun while wearing them.

They also have a unique "air edge" design that reduces the edge feel typical with contact lenses and also helps to improve moisture circulation.


Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel 2pk