Tide-me-over lenses for Astigmatism 1pk

Tide-me-over lenses for Astigmatism 1pk

Get a single monthly toric (for Astigmatism) lens or two to tide yourself over. Life's much more enjoyable when you've got a few spare lenses floating around! 

Each lens is intended to last for 30 days use, being removed, cleaned & stored in solution overnight.

If you usually wear daily lenses, we're sorry we don't currently offer daily tide-me-over lenses for Astigmatism however most users will find these an excellent back-up option - certainly much better than having no lenses :)


What brand are these lenses? 

They will usually be Biofinity Toric brand however if your power is unavailable in this brand then we will supply an alternate brand. We're sorry we are not able to accommodate requests for specific brands.


Stock status & delivery time: 

Stocked in NZ and will always ship immediately, so expect them within a day or two - probably even tomorrow. If other items are ordered at the same time that are delayed (eg an indent brand), we will always ship these to you immediately.

And a teeny disclaimer… because there are over 5000 different prescription combinations for Astigmatism lenses, its possible we may not be able to immediately supply the exact match to what you order. If so we will send the next closest match so as not to delay these getting to you.

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