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Miru 1month 6pk

Miru 1month 6pk

Want amazing lenses that don't hurt your wallet? We recommend Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel monthly lenses that allow up to 7x more oxygen to your eyes and are very well priced!

Get a 2pk of Airsoft lenses here for just $12.95/pk or a 6pk of Airsoft lenses here for just $29.95 - saving you $36/box!


Delivery info: Not a stocked product. Delivery will be 14-20 days after order is placed. 


Material content: asmofilcon A(Silicone hydrogel) 60%, Water 40%


Diameter: 14.0


If your BC (base curve) is showing on your box as “MED” please select 8.3.

Right eye

Left eye