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Face Mask Disposable - 2pk - FREE with coupon!
Face Mask Disposable - 2pk - FREE with coupon!

Face Mask Disposable - 2pk - FREE with coupon!

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  • Description

This is a 2 pack of disposable face masks.

Ear band type. Height: 90mm, width: 175mm. Has elastic bands to fit over your ears to hold in place and also a wire nose strip at the top that can be moulded to fit best over your nose. Also has fluted design to enhance breathing.

This product is suitable to block odours and droplets from entering and exiting the wearer. It is not for medical grade protection.

Instructions for use

Wash your hands thoroughly before applying. 

Unfold the mask.

While hold the mask to your face, hook the elastic bands over each ear to hold in place.

Press the nasal wire strip over your nose to get maximum comfort and protection.

Spread the folds downwards until it completely covers your chin, leaving no gaps on your cheeks.


This product is a one-time applicable product. Please discard or destroy after use.

Maximum use should be no more than 8-12 hours.

If mask causes skin irritation, remove immediately.

Ensure the mask is worn correctly for optimal effectiveness. The wire nose strip must be at the top. The blue side faces outwards, the white side is on your face.

Keep out of reach of children.

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Face Mask Disposable - 2pk - FREE with coupon!