TOTAL1 Multifocal Daily Disposable Contact Lenses 30 Pack

TOTAL1 Multifocal Daily Disposable Contact Lenses 30 Pack

A product that lives up to the standards that Alcon / CibaVision a well known for. A lens that you can feel comfortable spending a bit more to get. 

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Pack Size 30 lenses
Material Content Delefilcon A, Water 67%
Diameter 14.1
TOTAL1TM multifocal contact lenses are the only Water Gradient contact lenses that provide a cushion of moisture, so it feels like you may forget you’re wearing them^. They are specifically designed to correct presbyopia, a condition that usually happens around age 40 when your eyes lose some of their ability to change focus for different distances.

The unique Water Gradient lens material forms a gentle cushion of moisture, providing comfort for 16 hours. It is designed to gradually increase water content near the lens surface, approaching almost 100% water at the outer surface~ and creating lenses so soft they feel like nothing^.

The SmartearsTM technology features the intuitive release of an ingredient found in natural tears from the lens into the tear film. This technology is designed to help deliver hydration support, thus reduce contact lens related dryness even on your longest days.

The Precision ProfileTM design provides a smooth transition from near, intermediate, and distance vision, so you can enjoy crisp and clear vision while checking your smartphone, working on your computer or driving your car.