Aquila Solution 820ml Savings Pack - FREE with combo deal!
Aquila Solution 820ml Savings Pack - FREE with combo deal!

Aquila Solution 820ml Savings Pack - FREE with combo deal!

Aquila Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution gives you that 'new lens' feel every day for the life of your contact lenses! 


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  • Description
Have you ever noticed that contact lenses feel absolutely amazing when you put a new pair in for the first time out of their original blister pack? They feel super moist and slippery and your eyes just love them!

But throughout the rest of the life of the same lenses, every time you put them in in the morning, they never feel quite as good? They feel like they haven't quite got as much moisture in them and they don't feel quite so nice and 'liquid-immersed' as when they were new.

Well you need to try Aquila Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution! Our bold promise is that it will make your lenses feel like they're brand new every time you put them into your eyes, for the intended life of your contact lenses!

Aquila Multipurpose Solution for soft contact lenses is a power packed combination of four special agents that:
  • cleans your contact lenses better
  • removes protein more effectively
  • makes your lenses germ free
  • and keeps them moist so they are more comfortable on your eye.

This savings pack gives you a whopping 820ml of contact lens solution with 2 x 360ml + 1 x 100ml bottles and two lens cases.

The 100ml bottle is the perfect size for travelling as it conforms to international air travel size for carry on board liquid restrictions whilst still being an excellent size to last you several days of normal contact lens care.

The four agents used in Aquila contact lens solution are:

Polyhexanide - A disinfectant & preservative with powerful biocidal efficacy. Keeps your lenses free from germs and bacteria.

Poloxamer - A gentle surfactant & cleaning agent. Removes protein, dirt and debris.

Hypromellose - A lubricant that forms a shield on the lens. Retains moisture, prevents dryness & lubricates the lens for long-lasting eye comfort.

Sodium Phosphate Buffer - Keeps solution pH balanced & enhances performance of added electrolytes (potassium chloride & sodium chloride) for more natural lens wear.
Aquila Solution 820ml Savings Pack - FREE with combo deal!