90% of orders ship same day

Yes it's true! We have two different ways you can get free contact lenses when you shop with Ezyvision. 


Free trial Truemoist Dailies contact lenses

Get ten free lenses of our Truemoist Dailies contact lenses! This brand of lenses is a high quality but more cost effective alternate to most other brands of daily lenses. If you're currently wearing daily contact lenses (excluding torics or multifocals) and are interested in saving money, or maybe you're considering switching to daily contact lenses, get yourself 10 free lenses with this trial promotion so you can see for yourself what a great lens it is!

Click here to order your free 10 pack of Truemoist Dailies


Free lenses to tide you through until your order arrives

Even though 90% of all orders ship same day (and most of these are covered by our delivery guarantee!) there are always a few brands and a few prescriptions that aren't in stock for whatever reason. 

If you need to order contact lenses that are not available for immediate dispatch, please ask us and we will send you some single lenses to tide you over - for FREE! You won't even have to pay a shipping cost.

This covers all spherical prescription lenses in daily, fortnightly and monthly modality. And all toric (astigmatism) lenses. The only lenses we cannot cover at this point are multifocal and coloured lenses however even these we can still supply spherical lenses which will usually give better vision correction than having no lenses at all.

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