90% of orders ship same day
Did you know that contact lenses cost just a few cents to produce?
So why do they cost so much?

We think there's two reasons why contact lenses are so expensive.

1) The supply chains globally are too extended with far too many middlemen all clipping the ticket.
2) They are marketed as highly specialised products whereas the reality is that they are massed produced by the millions with completely automated machinery.

So our mission is to cut through all this by sourcing lenses of the same or better quality as well known brands directly from the manufacturers - and then offering them directly to you the wearer.

Here's the benefits you get by switching to one of our directly sourced brands:

1) Big savings. Our lenses are the cheapest in New Zealand and will always be.

2) Always in stock & always overnight delivery. This is a HUGE WOW if you wear toric or multifocal lenses especially! But yes we know that when you've ordered and paid for lenses you actually want them. Not next week or even later than that, tomorrow.

2) No middlemen (execpt us!) so you're dealing directly with the next in line from the manufacturers themselves. Great to know if you ever have an issue with them.

3) 100% money back satisfaction guarantee on the life of the lenses! Not just 30 days or 60 days but for as long as you have that packet of contact lenses from us. What does it cover? Everything. Faulties, change of mind, change of prescription, incorrect order, dog chewed the courier parcel... you name it we cover them!

4) Cheaper shipping! Any order you place with us that includes one of our own brands below qualifies for our cheaper shipping rate of just $2.95 rather than $6.95. And of course any orders over $90 are still free :)

5) The satisfaction of knowing you're not lining the pockets of some big global multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company!

6) Free trials! On some brands we offer totally free trials. Check these out below. Some conditions do apply to protect the integrity of this promotion.

7) Coming soon... guaranteed next day delivery or they're free! This will only apply to orders of our own brands below. Cool aye!

Why wait?
Find your comparable brand today and start saving!