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Many regular contact lens wearers have no idea that they can get their on-going supplies of contact lenses from somewhere other than their optometrist.

But you can - and for much cheaper too!

Let's face it, after all how can such tiny slivers of flimsy, plasticky stuff be so expensive? You're right they aren't... it's just how you've been buying them up until now.

Our mission is to have the cheapest prices across every brand of contact lenses available in New Zealand, and have them delivered the absolute fastest possible too!

Every box of contact lenses we sell is 100% genuine - in fact exactly the same as you get from your optometrist, only cheaper!

How to get cheaper contact lenses in New Zealand | Ezyvision.co.nz

How can we offer them so much cheaper? We buy thousands of boxes of contact lenses every month. This gives us much better buying rates than any optometrist. And then on top of this we are a totally different business model. We don't have a fancy high street shop that has expensive décor. We have a simple warehouse instead! Lastly we use probably the most efficient IT systems in the world to manage everything from orders to inventory to dispatch so we even have a very small team (which cost a lot of money) because technology does almost everything.

The one thing we don't skimp on though is our customer service. That is still intensely personal and very very friendly! Just check out our completely unsolicited Google reviews if you want to find out what other people think of our customer service!

But enough about us, lets talk about you! Firstly because you've been referred to us, you've got an automatic bonus of $10 off your first order! And on top of this you get 100 Ezy-points the instant you sign up so right from the start you're earning even more bonuses.

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Enjoy those savings - don't don't forget you owe your friend a coffee sometime!

Enjoy saving money on your contact lenses | Ezyvision.co.nz