Indent contact lenses is our new, innovative way of offering you the best prices we can on contact lenses.

Indent contact lenses |

But firstly "what the heck does it even mean?"
The word 'indent' when used in the context of buying & selling products means 'to place an order in advance'. Usually for some particular reason such as to get a better price or to secure supply - and that's exactly what we offer with our indent lenses!

Born of the post-covid world we live in with increasing inflation causing price increases (yes including contact lenses), product shortages, choked and broken delivery networks - all causing uncertainty and unreliability we wanted to offer contact lenses wearers in NZ the exact opposite. This includes prices that are even better than pre-covid and 100% certainty of delivery dates - voila indent lenses!

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How does it work?
By offering you the ability to pre-order contact lenses 40 calendar days in advance of when they will be delivered, we can use this allowance of time to best possible advantage.
This includes: collating & combining orders to our suppliers to increase our purchasing power, buying in bulk for maximum supplier discounts, combining shipping to save costs and just generally improve our overall efficiencies.
All these add up to some pretty serious savings which we can then pass on to you the wearer!
And obviously having a fixed delivery date with a generous timeframe means we can give you absolute certainty when you're going to get your lenses.

Airlines have been doing it for years...
Think of it like booking a plane flight. If you book months in advance you know you'll get much cheaper flights than if you leave it to the last minute and try to book the same flight for this afternoon. It's exactly the same plane, service, departure date & destination but the price is considerably cheaper.
Why do airlines do this? To make it easier for them to give you what you want: reasonable ticket prices and consistent service.
Literally imagine if the only way airlines operated was that all passengers had to just turn up before the flight and hope to get on the plane. It would be chaos!

When you buy indent lenses you are in effect doing the same thing. You're making it easier for us to ultimately give you what you want, and for this we reward you with lower prices and consistent delivery. It's a win-win :)

Indent lenses are like booking a flight in advance |

Here's a step by step outline of how it works:

  1. You place an order for indent lenses
  2. We will use the 40 days to order in your lenses from the cheapest source with lowest costs. They will arrive to us comfortably before the 40 days are up.
  3. Once we have your lenses received into stock (usually around 5-6 days before the 40 days are up) we will ship your order to you.
  4. You'll receive an email notification when your order has shipped from us that includes a tracking link so you can track them on their journey to you.
  5. A day or two after they have shipped your lenses will arrive at your address :)

Keen on the price but worried you need lenses before 40 days?
Don't worry we've thought of that too! You can get some single tide-me-over lenses here for a very small extra cost. These we always send immediately even if they're ordered at the same time as indent contact lenses.
And for future orders, you can set yourself a reminder once you've completed your order. Just look out for this reminder box on the order confirmation page:

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A few FAQ and our terms specific to indent orders

1) What if I need to cancel my order before the 40 days are up?
That's no problem we will cancel & refund your order less a $10 restocking fee per item as we will have incurred costs already that we cannot recover. If the cancellation request is within 24hours of placing the order we'll waive the restocking fee.

2) What if my lenses don't arrive until after 40 days?
We'd like to say its not going to happen but anything's possible these days so we'll offer upfront that any order not delivered until after the 40 days we'll provide a 30% discount voucher that can be redeemed on a future order - and of course we'll still get your order delivered. Plus we'll probably know there's going to be a delay before you do so we'll be in touch sooner anyway to work it out with you.

3) Can I order indent and non-indent products together?
Of course! We'll just split the order when we receive it and send the non-indent products sooner. And FYI we don't charge double shipping for this either!

4) Can I swap indent products for non-indent products after I've placed the order?
No sorry, not without incurring the $10 restocking fee per item. But you can keep your indent order and place another order if you decide you want lenses sooner.

5) Can I place the order now but pay for it later like closer to the delivery time?
No sorry, all orders must be paid for at the time they are placed. We suggest you use Afterpay if you want to delay the payment.

6) How will I know you haven't forgotten about my order?
We regularly send status updates for indent orders. The first one is immediately after you place the order and then every ten days after that.

7) What if I make a mistake with my order like incorrect prescription?
You can adjust your order during the 40 days but this will incur a $10 change fee.

8) What if 40 days lands on a weekend?
We'll almost certainly have your order to you by then anyway but just so its clear the 40 days starts on the first working day after the weekend and if it lands on a weekend it will be on the next business day after the weekend. But other than this it is calendar days we go by.

9) .... and is there absolutely no way you can speed up my delivery...? what if I ask nicely or offer to pay more...?
We're sorry but there isn't. The objective of indent is to give you savings and certainty and us, time to give these to you. If you need lenses quicker you are best to order our regular products - we're famous for our fast delivery of these!

What's next?

Give us a try!

Get yourself some indent contact lenses here and enjoy massive savings

Or if you have the need for speed then select from this collection to get the same lenses but much much quicker (probably overnight).

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