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New contact lenses

Want to try our new dailies contact lenses for free? (usually $9.95 / 10pk)

And when we say free - yes we really mean it! No shipping, no hidden cost, just real good old FREE!

You will get a 10pk (5 lenses for each eye). This is a limited time promo though so it may be discontinued without notice.

About the lenses

Truemoist Dailies contact lenses are a beautifully moist lens that's easy to insert and remove. They stay hydrated for a long time meaning if you typically feel your usual contact lenses getting a bit uncomfortable later in the afternoon or evening, then you're going to love these!

They are available in most common prescription powers from -10.00 to +4.00.

Truemoist Dailies contact lenses

Who can use these?

If you're already wearing daily contact lenses these will be perfect! Or if you wear monthly or two-weekly lenses and you're looking for a more healthy & pleasurable lens wearing experience, then prepare to be amazed!

Who will they not suit?

If you wear contact lenses that are designed to correct astigmatism (the lenses are sometimes called 'toric' lenses), or if you wear multifocal contact lenses, then we're sorry these won't work for you.

And of course if you don't currently wear lenses at all, or you wear glasses only, then this free trial isn't for you either.

How do I get my free trial lenses?

Easy! Just go straight to the product page here and order them. You will need to add this promo code at the checkout to remove the cost: FREETM


Enjoy your free lenses!

Free contact lenses


P.S. As already mentioned, this is a limited time offer and may be discontinued without notice.

Enjoy contact lenses!