Am I too old to wear contact lenses?

You are never too old for Contact Lenses

I’m not sure how old you are but I can tell you here and now with full confidence that you are NOT too old to wear contacts.

You may have worn glasses for years, having only once decided to try and give contacts a go and had a bad experience. Maybe you poked yourself in the eye or just couldn’t stand the feeling of putting this little piece of ‘stuff’ in your eye. And after this you decided, “Nah, I’ll just stick with what I know”. Can you identify a little bit with that? Yeh, I thought you would.

The good news is that technology has improved majorly over the past few years and contact lenses have become excepted by millions of people (old and young) worldwide. Most preconceived ideas about contacts have been overcome in some way, shape or form so those excuses that have been lingering in your mind for a long time, no longer have any relevance.

You can handle them easily

You might be aware that you aren’t so quick and controlled therefore handling little contacts wont be a very easy thing to do. It’s really simple to insert the lenses and you’ll become so used to it that after a while it will be second nature to you. Even if it takes a bit to get used to it at first, the human brain never stops learning and you’ll get good at it I promise.

Contacts for Presbyopia

A common misconception is around the idea that contact lenses wont be able to help your read your book or see the cow in the neighbour’s paddock. False. Older people tend to have issues seeing both near and far so to account for this the bifocal glasses or progressives will help you. However it’s not just eyeglasses that have this functionality nowadays. You can now buy Multifocal lenses that will help fix this problem (Presbyopia).

Moisturising Contact Lenses

Another problem you might think, is the fact that you tend to have dry eyes and contacts will only make them worse. Well it can be said that age can bring drier eyes but there are a whole range of contact lenses that have had hours of time put into them to make them as moisturising as possible. You only need to try these out for yourself to know how good they are.

Contacts aren’t a hassle

“What about all the care and cleaning?” I hear you ask. Well the fact is that caring for your you lenses takes hardly anytime at all nearly all you have to do i take them out of your eyes at night, slip them into a little container of solution and put them in again in the morning. Of course you don’t even have to worry about this if you use daily disposable lenses. just grab a new set every day and you’re good to go.

‘Age is not a barrier’, I shouldn’t have to tell you that. And you really can’t stick those old glasses that always seem to be misplaced or broken, can you? So be brave, grab yourself some contact lenses and start to Enjoy Life once again.

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