Solento contact lenses are an exclusive new brand to Ezyvision that brings you comfort and clear vision in a cost effective lens! Available in both spherical and toric lenses, Solento have been crafted using the latest silicone hydrogel technology to allow more oxygen to pass through the lenses onto your eye. This means your eyes get to ‘breath’ more and you will experience better eye health and comfort.

Solento lenses are monthly lenses, which means you can wear them for up to 30 consecutive days. This not only makes for an easy contact lens wearing routine, but it also makes Solento lenses extremely cost effective. Available in boxes of six lenses, 1 box is the equivalent of half a years’ worth of lenses!

To experience great contacts at amazing prices, try Solento today! You can even grab a free trial of the Solento SiHy 1 Month lenses if you take a look under our ‘Free Stuff’ category to save you the trouble of buying a box of lenses only to find out they don’t work for you.