There is no need to experience dryness or irritated eyes. No, not while CooperVision continue to produce contact lenses in the Proclear family. This range is one of the largest families of lenses on the market. With 6 different product offerings, we are sure to have a lens in this Proclear range that is right for you.

Proclear lenses are made famous by the underlying PC Technology developed by CooperVision. The lens is made in a way that attracts and binds water to the surface reducing evaporation and keeping the lens functioning like a well lubricated machine.

Within the range the are lenses for daily or monthly wear, astigmatism, multifocal and spherical (single vision) contact lenses and also a multifocal toric combining to bring a solution for the two major optical disorders.

We can assure you with this many customers currently using the products, they will be a good fit for you too.