What could be healthier than a new lens to refresh your eye every day? You have to hand it to Alcon for providing such a great range of lenses for daily wear. Whether you are after a lens that feels like nothing or you are after the very popular AquaComfort PLUS lens or the classic Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contact lenses Alcon will provide. All spherical variations of these lenses are available in a 30 pack or a 90 pack for convenience.

Should you have astigmatism or an eye that requires multifocal lenses, the Dailies range wont disappoint. Thousands of reviews are in testament to this.

The Dailies Total 1 lenses feature water gradient technology which give the lens a certain superiority over it’s peers and will last the whole day without losing an ounce of comfort.

If you need a recommendation get in contact with us and we’ll point you in the right direction to get the lens that is best for you.