Air Optix

The Air Optix family of lenses provide consistent comfort and excellent vision. As far as good products go, these lenses are some of the best in our range. The level of science behind these lenses provide the lens wearer with an experience that is quality and lasting.

In the family you can see there are lenses for astigmatism, for presbyopia (Multifocals) and just for single vision or ‘sphere’. The lenses even come in a coloured option for those who want to pretty themselves up a bit.

The lenses feature SmartSheild Technology produced by Alcon that creates a protective ultra-thin layer on the outside of the lens to fend of the nasty deposits that irritate your eye. Coupled with this is the high breathabilty of the lens allowing more oxygen through to your eye.

We can assure you these Air Optix contact lenses are all that they’re made out to be. Experience the enjoyment for yourself.