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Solento IdealVu Multifocal 3pk
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Solento IdealVu Multifocal 3pk

Why choose Solento? They're a super-high oxygen silicone hydrogel lens so your eyes are going to love them. Give these a try today!


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Do you need Med (medium) Add option? Choose High instead in Solento brand. Low covers add powers from +0.75 to +1.75. High is +2.00 and above.

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Pack Size 3 lenses
Material Content Asmofilcon A, Water 40%
Diameter 14.2
BC 8.6

Solento IdealVu Multifocal contact lenses are a super-high oxygen, silicone hydrogel lens - the next advancement in our mission to offer the best possible value in contact lenses.

Solento IdealVu Multifocal lenses are made from Asmofilcon A - a super high oxygen transmitting material for maximum healthy eyes. Their Dk/t rating is 161 which makes them among the worlds highest oxygen permeability.

They are a monthly lens which means you should easily get 30 days use out of them however if you use two-weekly (fortnightly) lenses, these will work for you just as well and you may find you get a few extra days use out of them.

They also have a unique edge design to provide optimum comfort.

Time to give your eyes (& wallet) a break? Give these lenses a try and you'll be hooked.