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Air Optix Aqua 6pk

Air Optix Aqua 6pk

Want amazing lenses that don't hurt your wallet? We recommend Airsoft Silicone Hydrogel monthly lenses that allow up to 7x more oxygen to your eyes and are very well priced!

Get a 2pk of Airsoft lenses here for just $12.95/pk or a 6pk of Airsoft lenses here for just $29.95 - saving you $20/box!


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Pack Size 6 lenses
Material Content Lotrafilcon B, Water 33%
Diameter 14.2
BC 8.6
Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are manufactured by Alcon, one of the world’s leading contact lens manufacturers, so you can rest assured that Air Optix Aqua are a great lens. They’re the perfect monthly lens from the busy lifestyle, or if you work in an outdoor environment. These lenses feature advanced SmartShield® Technology which is basically an extremely thin protection layer which helps shield your eyes from dust and debris which can enter your eyes and build up on your contact lenses. We know there is nothing worse than having ‘something’ in your eye which consequently requires you to replace your contacts way to early just to get rid of it!

These contact lenses are the front line of the Air Optix family, being their most all round, best loved lens at a great price. They are made from the latest silicone hydrogel material which has been laboratory tested and proven to be much more breathable than regular hydrogel contact lenses. This not only provides better eye health as oxygen can reach the eyes more easily, but it also guarantees all day comfort. The clear handling tint on the lenses also make them super easy to handle and putting them in every morning is a breeze. They also come with the added bonus of being able to be worn both night and day (extended wear) for up to 6 nights, however it is not recommended you wear them for any longer than this period as this could result in eye problems such as corneal ulcers and potential loss of vision.

Air Optix Aqua contact lenses come in a convenient 6 pack and each lens can be worn for up to 30 consecutive days. This also makes them a lot more cost effective than daily lenses and although they do require additional cleaning every night, we think its worth it because of the how much they’ll save you.

Rhys Lane, from Wanganui New Zealand, has been a long-time wearer of Air Optix Aqua and utterly loves how moist these lenses are for a whole month. “I’ve tried different brands of monthly lenses but after about 20 days of wear the lenses are keep drying out. But not Air Optix Aqua – these lenses stay moist for 30 consecutive days, so I’ll stick with them!” So, if you regularly experience dry contact lenses but are unsure which brand to try next, give Air Optix Aqua a go. Our 365 day money back guarantee takes all the risk out of buying from Ezyvision but we don’t think that will be needed with these great contact lenses.

For affordable lenses that give you comfort and clear, crisp vision, purchase a box of Air Optix Aqua today. The SmartShield® Technology which is significant to the Air Optix family puts a film of moisture across the lens surface of the eye, keeping it from drying out and becoming uncomfortable. You can now enjoy freedom and clarity bought together in one lens. Its true, you can now ENJOY LIFE.