Biofinity Energys – 6 Pack


The latest lens for digital-based lives! With Aquaform® Technology, the Biofinity Energys help your eyes seamlessly adjust to working on-screen all day.

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Type Monthly
Pack Size 6 lenses
Material Content Comfilcon A, Water 48%
Diameter 14.00
BC 8.6

Biofinity Energys are designed for those of us stuck in an office in front of digital devices all day long! Especially designed for all-day wear and monthly replacement, the design and technology of these lenses help to retain moisture in the lens material, helping to prevent that mid-afternoon dry, itchy feeling on your eyes due to long periods of constant screen staring. If you spend all day, every day working on digital devices then these lenses are definitely for you! And even if you don’t, they’re also a great all round lens with the perfect balance of quality material, surface design and the latest Aquaform® Technology. Order a box today and ENJOY LIFE.


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