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Hydrogen Peroxide solution that will prepare your lenses ready to see New Zealand and the world clearly and with crisp vision.
A multi-purpose solution that almost anyone can use. One of our most common solution packs and featuring Alcon / CibaVision’s professional technology.
A large affordable pack that will clean and freshen up your lenses so they feel comfortable in your eyes from dawn until dusk.
Get a multi-purpose solution that can clean, rinse, store, disinfect, remove protein and rewet to provide a healthy comfortable look you’ll love.  
Relieve your dry eyes with professional lens drops that provide excellent rewetting capabilities. Don’t feel the pain, feel the gain from having relieved eyes.
A quality lens solution that you can use occasionally to rise off your lenses making sure they are fresh and ready to use to the fullest.
Have an expert clean your lenses while you sleep. This multi-purpose solution can provide you with contacts ready for the day.
An easy and convenient solution that will bring your lenses up to a clean state that is ready for use.
For those contact lens wearers who are at risk of getting dry irritated eyes. Have a natural, healthy look and feel with this multi-purpose solution.
OcuTec technology and disinfecting muscle to keep the bad stuff away from your eyes. Enjoy crisp, clear comfortable vision every morning.

Contact Lens solutions aren’t all the same which is why we have a range for you to choose from. In the range we have multi-purpose,