A stand alone silicone hydrogel option for those with presbyopia. This time they've thought of everything from UV protection, to quality silicone hydrogel material and the convenience of daily disposable lenses!
Don’t let debris build up on the surface of your eye. Enjoy clear and comfortable vision at Short, medium and long distances.
Don’t let your age stop you from being able to see everything clearly and with one lens! Be unleashed by these multifocals’ power. Please note: this is now a 6pk not a 3pk. We have discontinued supplying 3pks of this product.
Dealing with presbyopia doesn’t mean you can’t have the lenses that best suit you. You can enjoy CooperVision’s impressive technology.
These contacts were specifically designed to enhance vision at different distances as well as transition smoothly from near to far objects.
The comfort and affordability of Proclear 1 Day now made available to older persons whose eyes are less adaptive. See clearly at all distances.
To see clearly at all distances you need a lens with excellent transition between long, medium and near sight and these lenses do just that.
With the same professional technology as found in all Dailies products, the multifocal can help you to see every near and far away.
A comfortable moisturising lens that will give you no trouble. With these daily disposables you can know the pleasure of fresh contacts every day.
A product that lives up to the standards that Alcon / CibaVision a well known for. A lens that you can feel comfortable spending a bit more to get.
These daily lenses can provide you with sharp, clear vision at short, mid and long distances. Replace the lenses daily for healthy eyes.
A lens that can deal with astigmatism and presbyopia at the same time. Featuring Balanced Progressive technology for clear, crisp vision.