The latest lens for digital-based lives! With Aquaform® Technology, the Biofinity Energys help your eyes seamlessly adjust to working on-screen all day.
Designed for comfort with silicone hydrogel technology, Clariti Elite lenses meet the dawn-till-dark demands of the modern lifestyle.
Solento SiHy 1 Month contact lenses are the latest and greatest lenses available at Ezyvision. These Solento lenses are our next step in providing you with excellent contact lenses at equally good prices.
Solento SiHy 1 Month for Astigmatism is a new lens introduced by Ezyvision to help those that require toric lenses be able to see clearly, fit the budget and enjoy life!
Wearers can rely on sharp vision and comfort all day long with the high-tech silicone hydrogel lens and aspheric surface.
Breathability that creates a natural healthy feel and look. Give your eyes the treatment they deserve with these established lenses.
A monthly lens developed by us for you. Switch from your current monthly single vision lens and save yourself with a cost effective lens just for you.
Comfort from night 1 to night 30 and all the days in between. You needn’t pay anymore attention to your lenses, just put them in and you’re good to go.
Astigmatism needn’t be an obstacle any more. You can get back to business and do the important things without having to worry about your vision again. Please note: this is now a 6pk not a 3pk. We have discontinued supplying 3pks of this product.
Proclear Sphere employs a special material that attracts and holds onto water to ensure that the contact lenses stay moist and comfortable all day long for a month.
Protective breathable lenses with hours of development gone into them, a worthy choice for contact wearers with astigmatism.
A UV prevention lens that can be replaced fortnightly. Feel the freshness of a disposable lens but for much longer with these Biomedics 55 lenses.
Don’t let debris build up on the surface of your eye. Enjoy clear and comfortable vision at Short, medium and long distances.
Breathable and thin, these lenses will empower you to run you day without having to worry about your eyesight. You may even forget about these contacts.
Don’t let your age stop you from being able to see everything clearly and with one lens! Be unleashed by these multifocals’ power. Please note: this is now a 6pk not a 3pk. We have discontinued supplying 3pks of this product.